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What materials do you use?

I work with the highest quality materials - Fine Silver 999 and Sterling Silver 925 purchased from the UK and mainly Birmingham jewellery quarter based suppliers, 100% recycled metal where possible.  

24K Carat Gold for Keum Boo is purchased from UK supplier but imported from the Far East.

Ear wires, necklaces, jump rings and findings are all sterling silver or gold filled, not plated.

If you can only wear gold (like my Mum and sister), I can swap silver ear wires for gold for an extra cost, I usually keep gold findings in stock, so no problem, just buy the item you like and let me know your requirements or email me your request.

What is Keum Boo?

Keum Boo is an ancient technique originating in Korea, meaning "attached gold", where heat and pressure are used to permanently fuse 24 carat gold to silver.

Once the silver is cut, shaped, textured, soldered and ready for decoration it is heated, one piece at a time, the gold is added with tweezers and when it reaches the right temperature is burnished with an agate or stainless steel tool to permanently attach the gold to the silver.

I like to add texture to Keum Boo to add interest. The finished jewellery is usually oxidised which darkens the silver to black or dark grey to add contrast and  highlight the gold design.

I add a thin coat of wax to protect the finished piece with a wax developed by the British Museum for preserving valuable artefacts (it is crystalline acid free, ph neutral unlike many waxes) the wax dries and is polished to a shine with a cloth and this protects it from finger marking, pollution and moisture.

How do I care for my silver jewellery?

Every now and again jewellery needs a little bit of love and care to keep it looking at it's best.

I would suggest removing your jewellery at night and try to avoid lotions and spraying perfumes while wearing.

For a wash and clean – a short soak in warm water with a gentle detergent or liquid soap, before gently cleaning with a soft toothbrush or soft cloth. Rinse and dry with a cloth or kitchen paper.

Silver cleaning cloths are good for removing tarnishing and refreshing  polished silver.

A small square of household green Scotchbrite pad used with small circular motion to gently re-finish matt or satin silver.

Caring for keum boo jewellery?

For most pieces I add a thin coat of wax to protect the Keum Boo, using a wax developed by the British Museum for preserving valuable artefacts (it is crystalline acid free, ph neutral unlike many waxes). The wax dries and is polished to a shine once dry and this protects from finger marks, pollution and moisture.

To clean Keum Boo jewellery, treat as silver, with a short soak in a mild detergent or liquid soap and a gentle wipe with a soft cloth but don’t use anything abrasive or a chemical silver cleaner to clean the piece.

For the new Keum Boo bangles I have been wearing them to test their durability, items like bangles and keum boo rings rub against hard surfaces and the patina wears to a silver grey, I like the variegated look of dark silver, black and gold, but if you would like to darken all the silver again - all you need to do is hard boil a couple of eggs for approx 8 minutes, shell them and roughly crush the eggs in a plastic zip lock bag. Put the bangles or rings into the bag with the eggs and Hey Presto! the sulfur from the egg will blacken the piece again in around 45 minutes. I tried this and it worked a treat, just give the item a gentle wash with liquid soap and warm water and pat dry.


I love making jewellery that people can wear and enjoy for every day or special occasions, but accidents do happen and should something happen that damages your jewellery please do get in touch with me and I will advise on appropriate repair. 

I don't generally undertake repairs for jewellery that hasn't been made by me, it prevents me from making and that's what I love to do.

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